Kera Damo - visual artist from the Hague - "All the art comes straight from the heart"


I've started the cards series b ecause of having little time, yet felt the need to finish off pieces. Working aside and with that commuting 3 hours a day, made me use dry materials and small sizes. Now I could bring it with me on the train. Imagine being between houses also and no studio at hand. Am in a way better position nowadays, but the format sticks with me and it got a bit out of control. Occasionally people get in touch with me, because I like to drop them all over the place...

I guess I had too many art classes. Some of them can screw you up. This annoying voice in the back of my head where the teacher (Yes, she has a name!) says I never finish something and am always in the idea phase. I did finish the paintings in the long run. I worked on 1 item for months. But I overstretched it and even try to finish a sketch properly. Whatever the definition of 'finishing' may be. The good thing about the A6 size is that it forces me to get to the point right away. Because there is not much room left for fooling around.